Understanding that education involves the development of a complete individual - mind, body and spirit

Wholistic Development


Ameyans participate in diverse sports activities. Skills in specific sports such as Swimming, Volleyball, Football and Basketball are built through the school year.


The music curriculum at Ameya introduces students to the world of music in a global sense and enables them to be appreciative of good music. The music Room has various musical instruments and Instructional Aids.


The dance curriculum exposes students to the rich history and heritage of classical Indian dance forms.


The primary purpose of the visual art curriculum is the creation of Aesthetic Awareness. This learning gives students the ability to appreciate visual art in the totality and also to recognise its primary components: Form and Colour.


Children interact with their class and schoolmates in a variety of settings in the school and it helps them develop interpersonal and social skills along with teamwork.

Experience learning 360 degree

We follow best practices in education, activity-based learning, and internationally acclaimed programmes to develop the Students. As part of our experiential learning programme, we encourage students to independently explore their neighborhood, city, state, nation and the countries across the globe while on school educational trips.

China! The name brings a flood of memories of the educational trip to the country. China has a spectacular landscape, large population and hectic traffic. Shanghai - modern in every way and Beijing - very native are in complete contrast to each other. In Beijing, even today cycle rickshaws are a means of transport, people buy groceries at the local market and use cycles for traveling short distances. And the best part, the city hosts the Great Wall of China. The people of China are amiable and welcoming.


Class XII, 2014

Every morning, I wake up feeling happy and excited about my journey on the bus.I board the bus feeling fresh and joyful as I will be surrounded by students of different classes. I feel the bus ride gives me sufficient time ti interact with my schoolmates. People who were just 'SOMEONE' to me are now my dearest friends. And how can I sit silent with such wonderful people around me? I enjoy every moment talking and having fun in the bus.


Class IX

Ameya World School

AMEYA WORLD SCHOOL is a place where children have the opportunity to discover their talents and are free to explore and enjoy learning.

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