Games play a very important part in the development of a healthy mind and fit body and are essential to a healthy childhood. Ameya offers different sports facilities within the school premises to enable our students to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and live life to the fullest. Some of these include cricket, soccer, tennis, hockey, skating, swimming, basketball, volleyball, archery, martial arts, cricket pitch, badminton and athletics. Our professional sports instructors ensure that children get the best possible guidance along the way, including gear and equipment.

Ameyans never sit on the sidelines. They play to win knowing that a game cannot be lost until the last second while being aware that winning is not all and losses can be excellent learning opportunities. Learning a sport instills in them key life skills involving perseverance, leadership, team-work, strategic planning, and sportsmanship. Ameyans are encouraged to be participate and excel in the games they play.

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AMEYA WORLD SCHOOL is a place where children have the opportunity to discover their talents and are free to explore and enjoy learning.

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