Designing learning that keeps children absorbed and excited through their schooling experience.

Real Classrooms with real-life leaders

Sessions with Professionals and Leaders

Successful professionals from various walks of life visit the school and interact with students.

Beyond Blackboard and Chalk

At Ameya, our teachers are always exploring on innovative ways to teach, using models and activities. This makes learning interesting and engaging.

Presentations and Class Debates

When students prepare for a debate or a presentation, apart from skills of presentation and oratory, they learn to defend their viewpoints and substantiate these with data and evidence. It also makes them listen to and empathize with others' opinions.

Field Trips

Throughout the school year, Ameya conducts various profession-related field trips for students to interact and observe accomplished professionals in action. Field Trips enable composite learning. They extend learning beyond the classroom and offer opportunities for experiential learning.

Real, engaging classrooms provide an opportunity to meet top professionals lets students live their future profession and gain precious advice. The experience motivates them to strive harder to achieve their life goals.

The visit to the renowned Neuro Surgeon. Dr. B.D. Bharat Singh Naik, was eventful. It was a trip worthwhile and a lifetime experience to meet a personality like him. He is a man of great commitment, and an exemplary example for the budding doctors. His dexterity in his field is incredible. Even though we are just higher secondary students, he was more than happy and willing to share his knowledge. He even showed videos of surgeries he performed. He is simply amazing. He said his profession is his passion. He was informative and informational as well.


Class XII, 2014

I, along with four friends, got a golder opportunity of interacting with an agricultural scientist. He shared with us few noteworthy incidents in his life. He showed us the equipment he used for producing new variety of seed and products. He recently launched white ragi and white gram. He was so inspirational that two of us decided to become agricultural scientists.


Class VIII

We got a chance to interact with the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime Branch) of Vishakapatnam District. The interaction has left an impression in memory. The DCP gave us a description of the duties performed by his officers. He also gave us a gist of how they process proceedings in a case, the various degrees of interrogation and about the people involved in the crime. Truly, it was an honor to have been in the presence of such a reputed personality.


Class XI

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