Importance of Classroom Debate

Importance of Classroom Debate



Classroom debate is very essential in today’s education system for engaging students and bringing life to the classroom. Using debates in the classroom can help students demonstrate critical thinking and develop presentation skills. Among the skills classroom debate is a great way of improving abstract thinking, research, reasoning, and even public speaking skills.


Ameya world school believes Debating skills is a good indicator of leadership. With this view, Ameya conducts debate competition every year to encourage students to become effective learners.


In addition to debates, Academic years at Ameya World School are a good mix of curricular, extracurricular activities to build team spirit, intellectuality, time management, strength and other skills.


Why debate is important?


Class debates give students the ability to make reasoned and well thought out arguments. Debates in a  classroom is also an opportunity for students to test their thoughts and views against that of peers. Students participating in debates frequently, engage analysis of information and in-depth research.


Classroom debating skills develop the strategy to increase the self-confidence and overcome the fear of public speaking. Most importantly, debaters become self-learners and gain knowledge to new information such as college-level philosophy, public policy, and current events.

Debate importance: develop courageStudents good at debate excel in oral and written communications and become comfortable with new concepts and unfamiliar language. Classroom Debate teaches students to recognize how others think and improves the ability to resolve the conflicts

Therefore, it is vital for every student to involve in the classroom debates and conceptualize their facts and ideas.

Let’s discuss a few more benefits of classroom debates.


Benefits of Debates


In general, there are various benefits of debate which include:


1. Critical Thinking


Debating, instead of arguing helps defuse an escalating situation. With debates, students can develop essential critical thinking skills-the ability to make well arguments in addition to questioning behind a particular conclusion. Critical thinking can also help students become curious about new ideas and building an attitude of questioning.

Being a critical thinker a student can become more humble.


2. Articulating the thoughts


Debating helps to become better at explaining a variety of topics. From planning the argument to choosing the words wisely, debating helps to identify the audience and choose the appropriate tone. The ability to articulate their thoughts, producing well planned and sharp argument is a key in debating.

articulating the thoughtSo, with classroom debates, students will experience to articulate and plan their thoughts and opposing opinions.


3. Build a meaning out of complex situations


Debating will also help students to construct meaning out of complex topics. Taking the time to research the topic carefully, construct the points will help to make a better argument.

Debates teach students to synthesize complex information,  exercise creativity and implement different ways of understanding.


4. Develops courage


Most students would rather develop courage while speaking or arguing with others. Debating involves attention, preparation and a bit of bravery to stand in front of peers arguing exactly the opposite.

critical thinking & courage Development

5. Integrate knowledge


Debate topics are multifaceted across several disciplines. So, classroom debates allow debaters to gain knowledge outside the student’s normal and academic subjects. Debates provide students the opportunity to explore real-world topics and issues


The success behind debates in the classroom is not in winning and losing but rather how well a team of students prepared for and delivered their arguments. Many students at Ameya report that participating in competitive debates was the most educational reward aspect of their high school careers.


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