Essential No’s of Parenting

Want to be a good parent? Sometimes “No” can be a good thing.


Good parenting is not an easy job. Parenting is like a roller coaster ride where you have both happy and anxious moments. Whatever might be the experience, but the responsibilities as a good parent do not change.


Setting limits and saying ‘No’ to their child is a difficult and challenging part to any parent. However, your no’s teach your child important lessons about life and build their personality.



Ameya world school gives 5 situations where you may need to say ‘No’ to your child.



1. Say ‘No’ to play with Mobiles


No to mobile Phones- Ameya World SchoolSmartphones are great gadgets for making kids busy and quiet, especially parents who have more things to do than spending with kids. However, playing more with mobiles and tablets can be harmful to kids that they need to be protected against. Many parenting experts and psychologists explain that screen time will have a negative effect on children’s developing brain and suffer from back and neck problems.


Children don’t really need smartphones or tablets. Ensure your child playing outdoor games and hang around with friends but not spending with mobiles.



2. Say ‘No’ to watching Television


No to Watching TV- Ameya World School

Children are too much addicted to watching television. While television can entertain, it can also make your child learn information that may be inappropriate.  Children who spend more with television are being away from important activities like school work, playing, family interaction and social development.


Spending with Television exposes your child to negative influences and promotes negative behavior and also may develop weak eyesight.



3. Say ‘No’ to late sleep


No to late Sleep - Ameya World SchoolChildren need at least 8-9 hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep or sleep problems can have negative effects on your child’s performance in school during extracurricular activities. Also, when your child is not well rested, this can show up as aggressive behavior, less focused and less motivated.


Studies show that putting kids early to bed is beneficial for their physical, emotional and cognitive development. So, stick with consistent and early bedtime for making your kids happier even smarter and healthier.



4. Say ‘No’ to Junk food or Fast food


No to Junk Food - Ameya World School

Junk food or Fast food is extremely addictive to most children because of its taste, lower price, and convenience. However, Junk food is relatively low in important nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Regular consumption of fast food can lead to severe complications like obesity, low self-esteem, chronic illness, and even depression.


Understand how this Junk food negatively impacts your child’s health and prevent them from eating these foods and make them stay healthy.



5. Say ‘No’ to Foul Language


No to Foul Language - Ameya World School

Children start learning a language by listening to conversations around them.  Using foul language is becoming common among the younger generation today. It is an essential habit to learn from TV or outside. Children who often left in the care of maids can have direct influence.


Foul language or abusive words is highly disrespectful. So, teach and explain to your kids why not to use foul language in front of anyone.




As a parent, you have a huge responsibility to create the right path for your child’s future. Use above no’s offered by Ameya and make your child happy, secure and confident to face the world.

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