Finding and supporting teachers who love children, love teaching and are capable of inspirational leadership.

Empowered Teachers

XSEED & Teachforce

XSEED helps implement innovative teaching methods and experiential learning in classrooms the challenge current standards and raises the bar on teaching and learning. Our teachers undergo XSEED/Teachforce training sessions in addition to regular CBSE & Cambridge Assessment professional development & training.


At Ameya, we consider parental involvement in their child's school education as a critical success factor in the overall development of every student. We conduct regular Parent - Teacher Meetings to keep parents updated on the progress of their child in scholastic and co-scholastic areas and their interaction with teachers.

I believe I was born to Teach

Every teacher at Ameya loves their subject and each student. Teachers focus on the joy of childhood for younger children and as the children grow the focus moves to excellence

– “Aim High and Dream Big”

When I was interviewd, I was asked to teach a topic in Mathematics without using blackboard and chalk. I was bewildered! That moment made me think hard. After joining Ameya, with the help of the XSEED curriculum, I started teaching mathematics in a more interesting and enjoyable way through activities. The activity based method makes children understand concepts quicker and better. Now whatever I see, I ponder on how to relate the object to a concept in Mathematics.

Ms. Parameswari Devi

Mathematics Department

A life without curiosity is quite simply a boring life. In a recent visit to one of the classes in a reputed school the topic to be taught was ``Nightmares``. The class was like a mourning place. Pin drop silence... no questions... no comments... just silence. I felt no one understood what I was saying. I came back to Ameya, entered a class and took up the same topic. I was spellbound. The class was responding like rockets; it was raining questions. Reflecting back I realised somewhere, we, at Ameya are responsible for it, to develop this high level of curiosity in the children. The XSEED training is a major catalyst. I have learnt how to make students curious and encourage them to keep on learning.

Rashmi Chowdhury

English Department

Ameya World School

AMEYA WORLD SCHOOL is a place where children have the opportunity to discover their talents and are free to explore and enjoy learning.

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