Ensuring that the school is connected to parent, the local community and the world at large.

Community Classrooms

Children at Ameya are encouraged to be engaged with the community. They take part in multiple activities involving social issues that help them better understand their society and community.


In the midst of scenic beauty, lies the small village SOS, where silence is more eloquent than words. SOS is an orphanage that is inhabited by families each of which compromises ten orphans cared for by a foster mother. Each familt lives seperately. On the day of our visit we were welcomed by Navya, a pretty little firl whose birthday it was. We celebrated Navya's birthday and shared gifts and chocolates with her. We also played throw ball and basket ball with the SOS kids. This day is etched as one of the most memorable days in our life.


Class X

Ameya Water Stations

Sparrows are dying in 1000’s every summer due to lack of water & food. This Summer, Ameyans have taken it upon their shoulders to save the nature & help the birds survive. After all, Live & Let Live is a principle we should always inculcate in ourselves. Thanks to the amazing kids, parents & teachers who made it possible Be Proud Ameyans

Ameyan Water Stations for Birds

Ameyan Water Stations for Birds:An initiative by children & management of Ameya World School to help birds, especially sparrows to survive this summer.If you see a station, fill it & save a sparrow today!#AmeyanWaterStations #Fillit #SaveThem

Posted by Ameya World School on Thursday, April 20, 2017

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