Recognising that schooling is about each individual child and not the system.

Child Centric Learning

At Ameya there is only one student.

Child-Centric Learning focusing on each child based on his/her strengths, weaknesses and interests has helped a high percentage of students get better with time. Ameya’s goal is for all children to do well and learn better.

My School...My World
It's almost two years since I and my brother have been in Ameya and I have nothing to complain about. I have a lot of great friends, friendly teachers and yes the one thing that makes it just exceptional is we have three to four games periods out of the five or six days we attend.. this is why it's my WORLD.


Class IX

Ameya mean boundless. In Ameya there is boundless learning, laughter and joy. In Ameya everything is balanced. Education and sports are equally important, each with its own priorities. The teachers here are unique, they search for the potential hidden in a student and try to tap it and enhance it. The best thing about Ameya is the ambience. It is situated far from the disturbance of the city surrounded with greenery. I am very glad that I joined Ameya for it has changed me to be the best and has put me on top in this competitive world.

Vivek Bhargav

Class XII, school Captain 2013-14

The school has a friendly environment with an outstanding way to make even the simplest topics seem amazing. One of the most amazing things about our school which most schools don't offer, is a pollution free area where kids enjoy learning. Another thing about my school is that there is some sort of bond between us and the teachers which is so hard to explain. The best thing I like about our school is how time flies... once we set foot in school.

Hruday Venkatasai

Class VI

I joined Ameya in the year 2009. I like Ameya for the infrastructure, teaching through activities and teachers who are friendly and pay individual attention. I was an average student. I give credit to the reachers at Ameya for the guidance they rendered in improving my academics. I was given the sobriquet 'Knight' by my class teacher who identified my helpful and kind nature. That boosted my confidence. My wrongs were corrected, my strengths identified and improved. Ameya has metamorphosed me into a lovable, independent and responsible individual.


Class XII, 2014

Ameya World School

AMEYA WORLD SCHOOL is a place where children have the opportunity to discover their talents and are free to explore and enjoy learning.

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