Benefits of extracurricular activities in school

Participate in extracurricular activities and enjoy a host of benefits!


Extracurricular activities can be a fun and rewarding way to help students develop their skills and talents. During their school time, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities -from sports, drama, music to personal development.


Ameya plays a pivotal role in encouraging students to participate in extracurricular activities for intellectual growth. Ameya has been giving much more importance to extracurricular activities to help students succeed in much more than just academic endeavors.


However, these activities can decrease stress and anxiety as well as create the opportunity to adjust themselves to other people. There are many more benefits that come from involvement in such activities


Benefits of Extracurricular activities for the high school.


Let’s get into some of the key benefits for students who participate in Extracurricular activities:


1. Academic Performance

Unfortunately, many students and parents worry that participating in extracurriculars may distract them from academic work. But in general, students who are involved in extracurriculars are likely to improve their academic grades as well.


Academic performane

This may be due to participating in activities passionate about can improve brain function which helps to focus and manage time better.


2. Learn new skills

Participating in extracurriculars, students can improve skills that are useful in day to day activities. This is because these activities help students to gain experience in wide areas of knowledge.



learn new skills

Students who participate in extracurricular activities will have better leadership skills.


3. Relieving stress

Students can be stressful doing regular homework and studying at school. Extracurricular activities are very effective in giving a chance to relax from their routine curricular activities.


Relieving stress

In addition, these activities improve concentration and grasping power.


4. Developing Talent

Talents are nothing without regular practice. Extracurricular activities for high school students stimulate the interest and provides students the opportunity to participate.


developing talent

Also, these activities help students to recognize their inner talents and develop their skills in a wide variety of areas.


5. Know the Importance of  Teamwork

Learning to work with a team is crucial. Extracurricular activities like a sports team, music band are the activities to work together towards a common goal.


Importance of teamwork

These activities help students to realize the importance of working as a team. Learning teamwork will hold students in good stead in every aspect of life.


6. Good on Resume for College Applications

Extracurricular activities are great to include on a resume and improve the quality of student’s overall job application. Therefore, engaging in such activities boosts the chances of gaining admission into universities. This is because, most universities check what the student is good at apart from their academics, where extracurriculars come in.


7. Social Interaction

Extracurricular activities offer an opportunity to interact with others with similar interests and build the friendship. Thus, the activities enable students to expose themselves to the outside environment. Interaction with others is important as they get creative ideas and try out new things.


Getting involved in extracurricular activities not only occupies some of the free time but also teaches the valuable skills for the rest of life.


These are innumerable benefits of participating in extracurricular activities in school.


Ameya aims to explain students the fact that extracurricular activities play a vital role in a student’s life and helps in personality development.


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