7 Reasons why Ameya focus on Extracurricular Activities

At Ameya, we believe that extracurricular activities help to provide a truly rounded experience for our students to develop their strengths and talents.


Ameya, best CBSE school in Vizag offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities in school for kids after school.  Through the extracurricular activities, we also encourage students to discover, enjoy and mastering activities that they may not have imagined trying before.


By involving in after-school activities, we hope that our students will learn integrity and self-discipline in coping with situations that they may not encounter inside the classrooms.


Here are 7 reasons why Ameya do not overlook the significance of extracurricular activities

1. Good for health

Being physically active from a tender age has the ultimate health benefits. Efficient metabolism, improved blood circulation,  more stamina, and mental alertness are just a few benefits of extracurricular activities for kids.  A routine sedentary lifestyle takes away enthusiasm and energy levels of kids that anyone can ever imagine.


2. Develops teamwork

Communicating and coordinating well with others to work better is a skill that is indispensable in the current world. Students who spend all their time in books and on the internet may have the ability to interact with other people and work for joint goals. But, the art of persuasion, settling disputes, and compromising for the team is taught by only extracurricular activities.

3. Develops critical thinking

Extracurricular activities enhance critical thinking, especially when they are involved with various challenges and have to find suitable solutions. Ameya students learn critical thinking skills through extracurriculars, that cannot be replicated in the classroom.


4. Brings out the hidden talents

Every student is unique, there is a special talent in everyone. Extracurricular activities at Ameya, one of the best schools in Vizag encourages the students to bring out their talents and give wings in the right direction. When students become aware of their own unique talents they become more capable of making rewarding career choices.


5. Helps in time management and prioritization skills

Integrating extracurricular activities with academic life improve students to manage their time and set priorities which helps them to take newer challenges. Students will get the skill to plan and prioritize things, what is need to be done and when it needs to be finished.


6. Extracurricular activities provide a breather

It is important for children to concentrate on academics which also results in heavy stress and boredom. Hence, there is nothing much better than to engage them in fun related activities. However, our best CBSE school focuses on extracurricular activities to give them a refreshing break from studies and restore their ability to retain knowledge.


7. Build Self-esteem

Ameya believes self-esteem and self-worth are achieved through success. Extracurriculars at Ameya, the top school in Visakhapatnam offer a chance to develop and master skills in a fun and relaxed environment. Skill development by participating in extracurricular activities leads to self-confidence, which in turn leads to higher self-esteem

Ameya, best CBSE school aims to encourage students to grow into a healthy, capable individual with their own unique talents.  We provide our students with an environment that fosters their overall personality and not just academic growth.


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